Andover Astronomical Society

Details of Observing Meetings 2017/8

21st September Summer triangle
The constellations of Lyra, Cygnus and Aquila dominate the sky.  No moon so the sky should be nice and dark.

19th October

Andromeda Galaxy
Tonight the constellation of Andromeda is high in the sky with our nearest spiral galaxy M31. No moon so the sky should be nice and dark.

16th November

Perseus and Andromeda
M31 will be high in the sky again. Perseus is also well placed so a chance to see the double cluster. Uranus might be visible in the south.

15th December

Taurus and Orion
Another moon free night. Taurus and Orion are also well placed, so the Orion Nebula M42 will be worth observing. 

21st January

And another moon-free night. This will be ideal for observing the Orion Nebula and the Crab nebula.

18th February

Gemini, Taurus
We should be able to observe Gemini and Taurus, which are high in the sky, so the Pleiades should be observable. 

15th March

Leo, Cancer
Cancer is high in the south so a chance to see the famous star cluster M44 the Praesepe. Leo is also well up with its many galaxies.

19th April

Leo will be high in the sky.

 Click here to see a copy of the society's health and safety plan which particularly relates to our observing sessions.
which are held after the talks, in the car park outside the village hall.